For a lot of people, having a dog or a cat just isn’t enough. Some people aren’t excited by goldfish or intrigued by hamsters. For some people, only the most unusual pets will do; it’s those sorts of people who may well decide to take on a hedgehog as a pet. Hedgehogs are obviously not domesticated in the way that dogs or cats are and thus they are not the typical of pet which someone would normally consider taking on. However, many people take to feeding hedgehogs which may have come out of hibernation during the winter months or which may be injured and this is how most people decide that they are going to start caring for a hedgehog more full-time.

Particularly during the winter months, if you’re feeding a hedgehog regularly then they can quite often become dependent and thus will keep coming back if they know they can get a regular and secure supply of food. However, taking the step from this to taking a hedgehog on as a pet is something which you should only consider if you are absolutely sure that you can provide the best quality of care for it. Hedgehogs have very specific housing and dietary requirements and you should embark on some fairly extensive research before you decide to take on a hedgehog. You need to know exactly how to house and feed them otherwise you will only end up being detrimental to the hedgehog’s health and this is not what you will want.

Keeping hedgehogs may be an unusual choice but it is one which a few people are now embarking upon. The main thing you would need to consider is insurance- how are you going to get a company to insure a hedgehog and how much will it cost you? If you speak to the various charities and societies which are about then you may be able to get an idea of how much you should be paying and who exactly you should be paying it to. Hedgehogs are a really loved and revered national animal and so it’s understandable why people are now considering taking them on as pets. Unless you can do it correctly though, it might be best left to the experts. Contact the RSPCA, Tiggywinkles or local vet if you realise you are not sure what you have let yourself in for.